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Global Commerce Management


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Customs is automated ... Are You? Small, Medium or Large companies can automate their customs processes

Customs House

US and Canadian Customs have been rolling out programs that support automation.  They are constnatly upgrading their e-service offerings to the import community that enable the importer to take direct control over their import processes.  Whether you e-file or use a traditional customs broker, managing and controlling your customs information is a core competency that can be managed with sophisticated, easy to use, low-cost solutions. see 3rdwave GCM Automated Customs Management


Blinco introduces Uniface custom programing divison

Uniface Logo

Blinco Systems brings over 20 years of Uniface custom programming experience.  Blinco has 10 seasoned Uniface programmers, each with a minium of 10 years business analysis and Uiface programming experience.  In its capacity as a customs solution provider, Blinco is now extending its services to the broader Uniface community who needs additioinal support to its current IT assets. 

International Supply Chain control demands integrated supply chain visibility

Global Shipping Lanes

Knowing where your product is, anywhere in the world is a critical element to managing global supply chain effectively and efficiently.  Synchronizing information for your suppliers, international carriers, customs, drayage carriers and warehouses requires software that can provide one view.  It is essential to optimizing inventory in a world where change is constant.