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Global Commerce Management

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Global Commerce Management


One World. One View. One Solution.

CBP is automated ... Are You? Small, Medium or Large companies can automate customs processes

CBP Building and Flag

A Customs Broker provides 2 basic functions.  The first function is consultative.  The second function is clerical.  

Consultative services are what provides the importer with comfort - support in product classification, interpretation of CBP and FDA rulings, and other elements related to import compliance.  

Clerical functions relate to ISF and Customs and PGA entry filing preparation and communication, port communication, etc.

Customs continues to automate its processes making it easier for importers to take charge of the filing process.  In order to mavigate through the customs process new and exciting solutions exist that allow the importer to automate and manage the process easily and effectively  The results are significant.  

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The Critical Path and Justification to Self-Filing - webinar replay


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You will see how you can transition from your broker, or 3rd party to self-filing. What we will cover:

  • How to leverage your knowledge - Nobody knows your products or accounts better than you.  
  • Utilizing ACE is self-filing friendly.  The internet has changed the way the importer and CBP and PGAs can interact.   
  • Entry execution simplified - Automation empowers the importer to simply take charge of the entire customs entry process. 
  • How to streamline the process - Automation reduces the time and effort required to manage the custom process.
  • Lower Import Costs - Self-filers can reduce their custom filing costs by up to  80%.
  • How changes with CBP and OGAs enable the importer to self-file
  • How automation the filing process makes it easier to justify self-filing

Please join us and see how to understand how you can become a self-filer with confidence.  



International Supply Chain control demands integrated supply chain visibility

Knowing where your product is, anywhere in the world is a critical element to managing global supply chain effectively and efficiently.  Synchronizing information for your suppliers, international carriers, customs, drayage carriers and warehouses requires software that can provide one view.  It is essential to optimizing inventory in a world where change is constant.


Blinco introduces Uniface custom programing divison

Blinco System provides Uniface process design and programming services.  For over 20 years we have been working with clients, large and small, delivering customized solutions to solve their specific business processes through creative Uniface solutions.  To find out more please contact us at (416) 510 8800 ext 236 and ask for David.


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